Friends of Paplin Receive Grant image
The Friends of Paplin were fortunate to receive an Anytime Give Grant from the Sherman County Community Foundation for 2023 in the amount of $2,000 This grant is a matching-funds grant meaning that we must raise an amount equal to this grant to receive the grant amount. This year's project is to finish the stained-glass window project begun in 2019. The two windows in the front of the church are plain glass, and will now be refurbished to stained-glass. The construction of two new 122” x 38” stained glass windows will match the color and pattern of the existing windows in the church. Each window will have a hand-painted medallion in the center to be chosen by the church committee, which will also match the design of the current medallions in the church.

In addition, new wood frames will be constructed for these two windows, and they will be installed on the east and west sides where they currently reside.

God Bless!