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Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Paplin, (Choynice) Howard County, NE was founded in 1883. Choynice is suggestive of Chojnice, a city in northern Poland. Other sources list this place as Paplin (suggestive of Pelplin?) in Poland. The parish closed in 1987. Prior to then, it had been a mission of St. Francis Church in Ashton, NE.

According to local legend, the Paplin church was blown off its foundation by a tornado in 1896. Then, before repairs could be made, a strong wind blew the 50-by-100-foot church back in place (Hammel, World Herald 2018).

Many local residents have been doing their best to preserve the church, hall and surrounding property, but it had become a monumental task. As with all things, teamwork is the best approach.

The Loup City Entrepreneurship Club (LCEC) saw a great opportunity to reach out and help the “Little Church that Did”. After a September meeting with those interested in preserving the church, The LCEC lent their expertise and set up a checking account in Ashton for tax deductible donations. And, with the help of Heather Sikyta of the Sikyta Law Firm of Loup City, they were able to set up Articles of Corporation for the Friends of Paplin, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

This ultimately led to the first annual meeting of the Friends of Paplin, Inc. on October 28, 2018, at the St. Francis Church in Ashton in which officers and a board of directors were elected. Now, the church property officially belongs to the Friends of Paplin, Inc.!