Russ Czaplewski of Shawnee, KS, compiled a deed research of the Paplin Town Lots, Paplin Church history from local newspapers, and found interesting material from Polish newspapers. 

From the e-mail he wrote me: "My research has also found interesting and forgotten material in Catholic newspapers published in Winona, Minnesota. The titles were "Katolik" and "Wiarus". Both newspapers had international and national news. Reports from Polonia include--get this--some signed columns submitted from people from central Nebraska! The material I have found is from 1894 to 1913. My personal connection is that some of the columns (including poems) were contributed by Mike Mendyk, my grandmother's uncle! The attached files are samples and the file name includes the date of the issue and the column to look for. I am sorry that I do not have translations but right off place names and surnames can be spotted. and other interesting information!" 

Mendyk--Paplin lot sales_owners.pdf

Church history--Chojnice.pdf (Chojnice)

Wiarus 1908-04-02 p8 col5-6--Mendyk.pdf (1908_04_02_p8_col_5_6_Mendyk)

Katolik 1894-04-05 p1 col4--Chojnice.pdf (1894_04_05_p1_col_4_Chojnice)

Below are links to a document Rose Mary Kowalski found in the belongings of her father, Cash Radke, a former member of Paplin Church. It is dated 1923. On the Expense sheet, the "Dochod" or income for the parish (left side) is listed; "Rozchod" or expenditures are listed on the right side. "Razem" means "Together" which are basically the totals of $3,689.39.  In the lower center portion of the page, "Dlugu bylo" means "the debt was"; "Splacono" means "Repaid", and "POZOSTAJE" means "Remains". Page 2 & 3 of the document lists the parishioners and the amounts they donated for the year. I don't think you would do this in today's world! Enjoy!