We have achieved our goals of putting a new roof on the church and hall, restored the stained-glass windows, sided the church,  updated the electrical panel in the church, lowered the ceiling in the hall, painted the interior of the hall, and sanded its floors.  This past summer, the statues and altars were professionally restored.  To keep these improvements from deteriorating, a new furnace was installed because the old one was not working. Our future projects include air conditioning and the monumental task of removing peeling paint from the interior tin walls & ceiling, and concrete columns. This daunting task will be complicated with the heights of the ceiling and columns. Consider donating to the cause--the church our ancestors worked so hard to build 140 years ago--the church many were baptized, received their communion, confirmation,  were married or had a funeral. Your contribution is tax-deductible. If you can not give money, then maybe you can lend your talents by helping in some other way. Please let us know! Thanks and God bless!

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